The Dusty Pockets

Based in Bozeman, MT, The Dusty Pockets are a rock & roll band with blues, soul, and country influences. I've been a recurring guest with The Dusty Pockets since 2017, along with trumpeter Tully Olson and saxophonists Tanner Fruit and Jake Fleming - collectively known as The Horn Stars.

Most recently, we were invited to record two tracks as part of the Pockets' first full-length studio album, "Hard Line." The complete album can be heard at

Dave Walther, lead vocals & rhythm guitar

Matt Rogers, lead guitar

Garret Rhinard, keyboards

Montgomery Griffith, bass

Joe Sheehan, drums & backup vocals

Tanner Fruit, tenor saxophone

Tully Olson, trumpet

Jon Gauer, tenor trombone & horn arrangements


The Hawthorne Roots

The Hawthorne Roots are an Americana/folk/rock band fronted by the marvelously talented singer-songwriter duo Maddie and Emma Kelly. After years of running into the Kelly sisters at music festivals and shows, I was invited to be a part of their studio project "On Second Thought."

Madeline Hawthorne Kelly, vocals & rhythm guitar

Emma Kelly, vocals

Lucas Mace, guitar

Kevin McHugh, keyboards

Dustin Crowson, bass

Michael DeJaynes, vocals & drums

Tanner Fruit, alto & tenor saxophones

Nathan Crawford, trumpet

Jon Gauer, tenor trombone & horn arrangements



Composed by Madeline Hawthorne Kelly

UNT One O'Clock Lab Band

As a student at the University of North Texas, I performed as bass trombonist with the world-renowned One O'Clock Jazz Lab Band under the direction of Steve Wiest and Jay Saunders. Each year, the One O'Clock records a professional studio album of original music, featuring music composed and arranged by UNT faculty and students.

From the studio album "Lab 2015"


Composed by Brad Kang

Arranged by Drew Zaremba

"Out in the Storm"

Composed by Aaron Hedenstrom


Composed by Drew Zaremba

From the studio album "Lab 2014"

Steve Wiest: Concerto for Folded Space

Former One O'Clock Lab Band director Steve Wiest is not only a celebrated jazz composer and arranger, but an avid fan and author of science fiction. His 2014 album "Concerto for Folded Space" is the musical companion to his scifi novel "The Dover Stone."

CFFS is scored for an exotic ensemble Wiest calls "The Eclectric Band": trombone, saxophone, and vocal soloists accompanied by trombone choir, flute choir, and a rocked-out rhythm section. For this project I had the honor of playing bass trombone as the fifth member of award-winning trombone quartet Maniacal Four.

More information about CFFS/The Dover Stone can be found at

"Step Aside"

"The Flutes of Glastonbury"

"EBE Bop"

Colorado College Summer Music Festival

2016 Festival Brass Sextet ("The Sexytet")

Anthony DiMauro & Kevin Karabell, trumpets

Jason Friedman, horn

Jon Gauer & Darian Freeman, tenor trombones

Reid Lasley, bass trombone

Cure for the Common

Cure for the Common was a rock band based in Bozeman, MT, from 2008-2017. I was a recurring guest with them from 2013-2017, along with Tully Olson (trumpet) and Tanner Fruit (saxophone). 

Though Cure for the Common is no longer active, they produced a wealth of audio and video content during their 9-year run. Tully and I were a part of the studio album "The Squeeze" and the live album "Live in Montana: NYE 2014-2015." We also performed at the opening of the New Mountain Amphitheater in Asheville, NC, and played three sets at Wakarusa 2015 in Ozark, AR. Perhaps our favorite project was the Legends Lost concert series: a New Year's tribute to some of the celebrated artists who died in the year 2016.

Weston Lewis, Matt Rogers, guitars

Steve Brown, vocals & percussion

Joe Sheehan, vocals & drums

Garret Rhinard, vocals & keyboards

Jordan Rodenbiker, vocals & bass