Student & Co-worker Testimonials


"I would say what's improved most is my flexibility and my tone quality in the time I've taken lessons with Jon. He's very helpful, and thanks to his instruction I was awarded music scholarships that helped pay for my college education."

-Logan, 19, tenor trombone


"I 100% would recommend Gauer to anybody who's looking to improve as a musician. He's really good with teaching what you need to learn, and it's completely changed the way I play. He's also just a really great person, I've learned a lot from him life-wise, and I'm very grateful for that."

-Charlotte, 16, tenor trombone


"I learned a lot of things, like airflow techniques and music theory, that I wouldn't have learned in any class up until college. Jon is a good teacher, a great guy, he's not too serious, he'll throw a few jokes into your lessons, and he makes the lesson days fun."

-Thomas, 14, trumpet


"Mr. Gauer is an incredible teacher. The personal relationships he makes with his students are next-level. I've always seen a high level of success from all of his private lesson students, and we loved having him as a teacher at our school."

-Eric Andress, trombonist &

middle school band director


"You'll definitely learn more about yourself. You'll learn more about what's important, in music and outside of music. You'll never feel on-edge or nervous when you go into a lesson - you'll never feel more at ease with any other lesson teacher than you will with Gauer."

-Elvis, 22, bass trombone


"One of the best things that a teacher can do for a student is be someone the student looks up to, who's a role model, and someone they get along with. Gauer does a great job of getting along with everyone who comes into contact with him, especially his students."

-Casey Wilkes, multi-woodwind
artist & lesson instructor




I take pride in my work as a teacher. I fundamentally believe that anyone with motivation and focus can become a skilled musician. Whatever a student's goals may be - to prepare for an audition, join a rock band, learn to play jazz, compose original songs, or just improve their skills and have some fun in the process - my job is to guide them toward their full potential and help them get the most out of being a musician.

Why take lessons?

It is difficult to overstate the importance of private instruction for young musicians. Lessons are an opportunity to develop complete musicianship: instrumental technique, phrasing and expression, ear training, music theory and literacy, study of advanced etudes and solo literature, developing efficient practice habits, and more.

Any band, orchestra, or choir teacher will agree: students who take lessons make greater strides in their musical development. More advanced skills mean more playing opportunities and, ultimately, greater musical fulfillment and enjoyment.

Why Mr. Gauer?

If you're looking for a lesson teacher for yourself, your son/daughter, or students in your band classes, there are probably a few things you want to know:

  1. Is this person a competent musician?
  2. Is this person a qualified educator?
  3. Is this person trustworthy?
  4. Does this person give students a positive learning experience?

I believe that the information on this site can answer all four of these questions: my audio/video pages for questions 1 & 2, and the testimonials on this page for questions 3 & 4.

Areas of expertise

  • Lessons for all brass instruments: trombone, euphonium, tuba, horn, and trumpet
  • Masterclasses and chamber ensemble coaching for all brass instruments
  • Music theory
  • Jazz improvisation (for all instruments)

How to sign up

If you live in the Denver/Boulder metro area and are looking for a brass instructor, send me an email. I'll be happy to discuss scheduling, hourly rates, and other details.

Skype/Facetime lessons available for students outside of Denver/Boulder.